Introducing the

Know Your Numbers Now Template!

This simple spreadsheet will automagically calculate your revenue, expenses, profit and even your taxes! Check her out below.

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This template allows you to take control of your business finances so they can stop controlling you. If any of the reasons below apply to you then you NEED this template in your life!


Quickbooks not quick enough?

Don't worry, this Profit and Loss spreadsheet will calculate your monthly, quarterly and annual financials so you can stop watching QBO tutorials on YouTube and start increasing your profits.


Tired of the rat race at tax time?

I've got you covered. This template will tell you exactly how much you need to save for taxes each and every month.


Confused AF when it comes to how to pay your taxes?

Don't stress I've included step by step instructions so you can stay on Uncle Sam's good side.


Are you tired of working your toosh off and wondering where the flip all your money is going?

I get it. I've been there and that's why I also included a cash tracker so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and exactly where it's going. This is how you get Financial Clarity, my friend!

Buy Now for $27!!

A Note From Denai...

Hey, hey, hey!

#FunFact I used to be broke.

And not in a struggling artist type of way but in a victim of entrepreneurial poverty sort of way. Which I gotta tell ya is far less glamorous and way more embarrassing.

But then something happened. I took control over the money in my business and stopped letting it control me and everything changed.

I went from holding an eviction notice in my hand to holding a paycheck. And now I teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same.