You've got a plan for everything else in your why not your profit?


What's inside?

This free spreadsheet will walk you through the exact steps to take to make sure your business is on track to give you the life you desire because that's why you got into this entrepreneurial game in the first place right? 

  • Get specific about what you want, not just today but also for tomorrow...¬†That's right we're talking about your hopes and dreams and were putting a price tag on them in order to ensure your business can support the life you want today AND tomorrow!
  • I'll teach you how to set goals using my signature WIIN Method.¬†¬†In this step, we are breaking down how much money you¬†Want, what type of¬†Impact you want to have on the world, how you plan to¬†Innovate your company to ensure you are always growing and how much money you¬†Need. By knowing these numbers we can set intentional goals in your business so that you know you're building a company that can support the life you desire! #winning
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish...¬†I'm not a fairy godmother so while I wish I could¬†bippity boppity¬†you to some profits the truth is¬†you need a plan¬†and that is exactly what we will outline in this final step.
  • Special Bonus.¬†As an added perk I've included the exact equation you need to follow to save for taxes so you can stay on Uncle Sam's good side.

A Note From Denai...

Hey, hey, hey!

#FunFact I used to be broke.

And not in a struggling artist type of way but in a victim of entrepreneurial poverty sort of way. Which I gotta tell ya is far less glamorous and way more embarrassing.

But then something happened. I took control over the money in my business and stopped letting it control me and everything changed.

I went from holding an eviction notice in my hand to holding a paycheck. And now I teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same.